ImmoLescala Solidaria allocates a percentage of the profits of each sale made to ONGs

    • Este mes de diciembre nuestra colaboración fue para el Gran recapte d’aliments a L’Escala (Banc dels aliments)
    • La primera colaboración de este 2018 es para L’Anxovapeluda, aquí os dejo su enlace
    • Esta colaboración va destinada para Cultivant Vida, aquí os dejo su enlace. No os lo perdáis,
    • Estamos encantados que esta nueva aportación sea para Nou Horitzó, aquí os dejo su enlace
    • The summer season is coming to an end, the sum goes to this social entity that creates job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. I encourage you to collaborate:
    • This last special contribution, dedicated to my colleague Francesc for his birthday and is destined to the collection of funds for Alzheimer Catalunya Fundació.
    • This last collaboration this year is intended The food bank.
    • The sum of this quarter is dedicated to the acquisition in the fair-trade store of VicenteFerrer. These products that we will give away in our office, which are hand-made in India by disabled women with fewer resources.
      Collaborate you too:
    • This collaboration goes to the Josep Carreras foundation, and dedicated by the strength that has my friend Jose. Collaborate you too
    • This donation is intended for breast cancer research on the international day of breast cancer. Collaborating in the fight against cancer by joining pink.
    • The first collaboration in era COVI 19 is dedicated to Justicia por la Sanidad. Here I leave your link .